VORN is the brand and management consultancy for the digital age.

VORN drives the digital transformation of brands and their communications, marketing and business models.

VORN combines expertise in marketing and communication, creativity and innovation, man and machine. Scientifically sound and proven in practice.


The Team

  • VORN Team


    Managing Director

    Entrepreneur and business strategist with 25 years of experience in development, restructuring, communication and strategy development for large companies and institutions.

    • finance
    • public
    • media
  • VORN Team



    Brand and future enthusiast with a feel for trends and with innovative tools to develop tomorrow’s strategies.

    • Handel
    • Automotive
    • food
  • VORN Team

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas

    Academic Director

    Engagement, particularly in the digital arena, is what I live for.

    • travel
    • finance
    • automotive
  • VORN Team


    Strategy Director

    A winning combination of boundless curiosity, professional methods and a yen for problem-solving and understanding puzzles.

    • automotive
    • consumer electronics
    • retail
  • VORN Team


    Strategy Consultant

    A traveller. Questioning. Challenging. Searching for innovation. For new kinds of interaction. For the everyday revolution.

    • travel
    • retail
    • food
  • VORN Team


    Trainee Strategy Consultant

    Strategy and Communication Lover. Curious Future Designer. Passionate Idea Explorer. Active Relationship Designer. For Brands. For Tomorrow.

    • food
    • retail
    • consumer electronics
  • VORN Team


    Junior Strategy Consultant

    Strategist with a good understanding of people and brands, the ability to put complex issues in a nutshell, a high affinity for market research and a strong curiosity for digitalization and trends.

    • travel
    • automotive
    • media
  • VORN Team


    Junior Strategy Consultant

    With the strategy as my co-driver and innovation in the back seat, I follow my curiosity – always with creative solutions at hand.

    • fashion
    • food
    • health
  • VORN Team


    Junior Strategy Consultant

    Finding the correct questions with analytical understanding and competences.

    • retail
    • public
    • travel
  • VORN Team


    Strategy Consultant

    Information junkie with a fascination for digital transformation, futurism and brands with character. Guided by the belief that creativity is a powerful tool to solve business problems.

    • automotive
    • food
    • cosmetics
  • VORN Team


    Strategy Consultant

    Progressive strategist, pragmatic and creative consultant with great passion for brand positioning, business strategy and digital transformation.

    • Automotive
    • Finanzen
    • Verbände/Öffentliche Einrichtungen
  • VORN Team


    Junior Strategy Consultant

    Enthusiastic strategist who is always looking for new challenges and exploring the worlds of brands and their target groups with vigour and passion.

    • Reise/Touristik
    • Finanzen
    • automotive
  • VORN Team


    Intl. Client Service Director

    Passionate consultant for international brand management and brand communication, strategy and creativity.

    • Automotive
    • Consumer Electronics
    • food
  • VORN Team



    Motivated consultant with strong organizational skills – strengthening link between client and strategist.

    • Handel
    • Healthcare
    • food


VORN offers a wide range of methods and tools to sustainably enhance the future viability of brands and companies in times of disruptive global markets.


  • Social Trend Studies
  • Media Trend Studies
  • Market Development Studies
  • Market Potential Analysis
  • Future Studies
  • Market Projections
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Behaviour and Attitude Studies
  • Target Audience Definition
  • Purchase Decision Process Analysis
  • Depth Psychological Brand Core Studies
  • Digital Audit
  • Digital Business Benchmarking



  • Brand Positioning
  • Positioning Roulette
  • Employer Branding
  • Brand Architecture
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Corporate Vision
  • War Gaming
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Digital Roadmapping
  • Brand Extension
  • Brand Diversification
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Co-creation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Innovator Coaching



  • Cross-media Campaigning
  • Message Architecture
  • Touchpoint & Channel Planning
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • CRM
  • Internal Communication
  • Change Communication
  • Brand Academy
  • Marketing Toolbox
  • Excellence Programmes
  • Certified Executive Education Programmes
  • Coaching, Enterprise 2.0
  • Social Collaboration



  • Food

    The great game – eat or be eaten.

    Most requested services

    Brand Core Studies – Brand Positioning – Ideation & Prototyping

  • Personal Care & Cosmetics

    You can’t be too beautiful – but is anyone really watching?

    Most requested services

    Behaviour & Attitude Studies – Brand Positioning – Touchpoint Planning

  • Consumer Electronics

    Who’s in front, man or machine?

    Most requested services

    Brand Positioning – Content Marketing Strategy – Campaigning

  • Fashion

    Nothing looks older than last season’s collection.

    Most requested services

    Brand Positioning – Campaigning – Touchpoint & Channel Planning

  • Telecommunications

    Everybody’s talking, but is anyone still talking about telecommunications brands?

    Most requested services

    Future Studies – Product & Service Ideation – Corporate Branding

  • Automotive

    Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers – but are you going in the right direction?

    Most requested services

    Brand Positioning – Purchase Decision Processes – Digital Benchmarking

  • Finance & Insurance

    The only certainty in life is that nothing is certain.

    Most requested services

    Future Studies – Business Model Innovation – Marketing Academy

  • Retail

    In retail, change is constant – but where is it leading?

    Most requested services

    Trend Research – Change Communication – Content Marketing Strategy

  • Travel & Tourism

    Come back soon!

    Most requested services

    Future Studies – Market Potential Analysis – Campaigning

  • Healthcare

    Not always the healthiest industry to be in.

    Most requested services

    Target Audience Research – Corporate Positioning – Campaigning

  • Media

    What are you looking at? And where are you looking?

    Most requested services

    Behaviour and Attitude Studies – Marketing Excellence – Brand Extension

  • Traffic & Transportation

    80 ways around the world.

    Most requested services

    Digital Roadmapping – Innovator’s Coaching – Change Management

  • Trade Associations & Public Sector

    There for everyone, but still so distant.

    Most requested services

    Target Audience Definition – Message Architecture – Crowd-sourcing Innovation

  • Luxury goods

    Where less isn’t always more.

    Most requested services

    Social Trend Studies – Market Entry Strategies – Content Marketing Strategy

  • NGO

    It’s good to do good, and then talk about it?

    Most requested services

    Future Studies – Scenario Analysis – Digital Benchmarking

  • Startup

    Fashion? Fiction? Role model? Old model? There is a great deal to discover.

    Most requested services

    Market Potential Analysis – War Gaming – Innovator Coaching


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